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Our Landlord Forum 2018

Our annual Landlord Forum took place on Monday 19th March this year, and once again it brought together a mix of London landlords, exhibitors and specialist speakers to the halls of Senate House.

May 01, 2018

Topic: Housing

Helping people to find somewhere to live - Housing Fair 2017

Although it’s still four months away, the new academic year is slowly creeping up on us. Each year, one of the main questions we get asked by current and prospective students (and their families) is: ‘”When should we start looking for...

May 12, 2017

Topic: Housing

What we learned from the Landlord Forum 2017

Yesterday we hosted our annual Landlord Forum at Senate House. The event was well attended, thanks in no small part to the engaging programme of presentations that this year’s speakers had prepared for us. 

Apr 03, 2017

Topic: Housing

Analysis of the government white paper on housing 2017: part 2

Roland Shanks analyses the government white paper on housing 2017 so you don't have to. Check out part one of the analysis here.  

Feb 13, 2017

Topic: Housing

Analysis of the government white paper on housing 2017: part 1

No-one is in any doubt that we need more housing both in London and elsewhere.  As the White Paper acknowledges, the Housing Market is fundamentally broken. All governments since the 1970s have failed to fix it. Does this government finally have...

Feb 10, 2017

Topic: Housing

Is investment in renting the future of London Housing?

The Redfern Review came out recently. It aimed to investigate falling homeownership and the future direction of homeownership trends. 

So how could the future of London housing look, especially for student, graduates and young families? We looked...

Nov 30, 2016

Topic: Housing

Should you rent to students in London?

Students often get a bad rap when it comes to housing, but this reputation is more often than not unfounded. From financial benefits to a stable length of occupancy, the pros of renting to students in London may just surprise you.  

Nov 08, 2016

Topic: Housing

House Hunting Days 2016

On Friday 16th and Thursday 22nd September 2016, University of London Housing Services (ULHS) ran their annual House Hunting Days. Held at Student Central, the events are an opportunity for students to meet one another in an informal setting and...

Oct 03, 2016

Topic: Fairs and Events, Housing