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How different subjects can use social media in higher education

Social media is a perfect way of incorporating edtech into real world examples, so we've come up with a few subject-specific ways lecturers can use social media as part of their taught curriculum. 

Sep 11, 2017

Topic: Higher Education

Blended learning, flipped learning... a glossary of important edtech terms

EdTech brings with it an array of terms that we may not all be familiar with. Here we aim to define clearly what several commonly used terms actually mean. 

Aug 14, 2017

Topic: Higher Education, IT and Digital

What is the GDPR? An explanation of the changes to data protection law

The thriller series ‘24’ punctuates its episodes with an insistent ticking clock counting down to the final showdown. If the data protection people in your organisation are walking round with the same angst ridden expression as Kiefer Sutherland,...

Aug 02, 2017

Topic: IT and Digital, Higher Education, News

Our experience with digital transformation in higher education - part two

We've been in the lower ground floor for nearly two months. Here's how the University of London's digital transformation is panning out so far.

Jul 17, 2017

Topic: Higher Education

Why is getting Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) right so important?

The last ten years have taught us that virtual learning environments are here to stay.  But are universities getting the VLE right? And why is it so important? 

Jun 26, 2017

Topic: Bloom VLE, Higher Education

What do Labour and the Conservatives want to do with HE and FE?

This election run up has been contentious to say the least. We are on the brink of having to choose between two dramatically different visions of the country.

Jun 07, 2017

Topic: Higher Education

Our experience with digital transformation in higher education

At the University of London, a lot of us are going through our very own digital transformation, so I thought I would share with you the processes and changes needed to implement such a huge scale project. 

Jun 02, 2017

Topic: Higher Education, IT and Digital

Why teachers will never be replaced by edtech

Education technology is shuffling its way towards the teaching profession with ominous uncertainty for the latter. What are edtech’s intentions, and where will it leave the profession when the two are forced to interact on the teacher’s home...

May 30, 2017

Topic: Higher Education

Virtual reality in higher education: innovation or gimmick?

Virtual reality is a technology which has been around for years but has really become a hot topic in the last two years. Will virtual reality in higher education really be useful in engaging students, or will it be a passing trend which is no...

May 24, 2017

Topic: Higher Education

The pros and cons of edtech in higher education

Education and technology are becoming a better known duo than Homer and Marge, but what are the pros and cons of edtech in higher education? Here we consider how it can help and hinder the learning processes in higher education.

May 16, 2017

Topic: Bloom VLE, Higher Education, IT and Digital