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How Bloom VLE makes this long distance course a unique experience

The course was launched in 2014, and they've grown from nothing to over 150 active students within two years. 

Mar 27, 2017

Topic: Bloom VLE, Higher Education, IT and Digital

How to capture and preserve electronic newsletters in HE and beyond

This blog post is based on a real-world case study. It happens to have come from a UK Higher Education institute, but the lessons here could feasibly apply to anyone wishing to capture and preserve electronic newsletters.

Mar 10, 2017

Topic: Digital Preservation, Higher Education, IT and Digital

Key points to take away from the Accelerating Digital Transformation in Higher Education conference

Yesterday we hosted the Accelerating Digital Transformation in Higher Education conference, and boy did we learn a lot. 

Mar 08, 2017

Topic: Fairs and Events, Higher Education

How to spot the right internship

Throughout my university career, I have completed a number of internships, and whilst none so far have actively hindered me, I have definitely learned some lessons that I can share about how to choose a worthwhile internship.

Mar 02, 2017

Topic: Recruitment, Higher Education

How to make class more interactive with edtech for higher education

It is estimated that $252 billion (£200 billion) will be spent by colleges and universities on campus edtech by 2020. It is estimated that on average, a student has 5 digital devices, so to keep up with students’ expectations, there needs to be a...

Feb 24, 2017

Topic: Higher Education, IT and Digital

Biggest challenges facing technology enhanced learning in higher education

How important is technology enhanced learning to higher education? In my experience of talking to and working with many academics and institutions, technology to enhance or engage students is very important. However, having been asked this...

Feb 08, 2017

Topic: Higher Education, IT and Digital

What role will human interaction play in the future of higher education?

As technology advances, people’s interactions with organisations have changed dramatically. This is true in commerce and e-commerce, where many businesses have removed the need for consumers to engage with people as part of the buying process...

Jan 30, 2017

Topic: Higher Education, IT and Digital

How collaboration can drive digital transformation in higher education

Digital transformation has been widely earmarked as one of 2017’s hottest technology topics, after building strong momentum and interest in 2016. In higher education, digital transformation has proved quite popular, evidenced by the increase in...

Jan 27, 2017

Topic: Higher Education, IT and Digital

How & why popular tech could be incorporated into higher education

With ‘smart tech’ becoming more ingrained in day to day student life, it may soon be expected that these gadgets play a role in the wider university experience. From a student experience aspect, universities linking with these apps and gadgets...

Jan 04, 2017

Topic: Higher Education

Is Snapchat key to improving student engagement in higher education?

Snapchat’s rise to the top of the social media hierarchy has been astounding.

Dec 06, 2016

Topic: Higher Education