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Wednesday, December 07, 2016 09:00

Katherine Hockley by Katherine Hockley

If you're considering postgraduate study, you'll want to favourite this page. We have compiled the ultimate list of helpful links that we wish someone had made for us when we were researching postgraduate study.

Step 1 - What's out there? 

One of the most important things when considering postgraduate study is making sure you're aware of all your options. Do you want to do a research based degree or a taught one? Did you know there were such things as Postgraduate Diplomas? Have you considered a part-time course? 

Check out these links below to educate yourself on education:

Step 2 - Funding possibilities

Did you know that in the UK the government will now offer Master's degree student loans for courses starting after 1st August 2016? There's also plans for PhD loan funding from 2018-2019. Plus, there are charities and grants you may be applicable for but may not know about. For everything you need to know about funding, check out the following:


 Step 3 - Finding your dream course

Once you've decided what type of study you're going to pursue, you've got to find the course most suited to you. Unless you have an allegiance to a certain university, the following sites will help you discover which courses are out there:

Step 4 - Applications and Personal Statements 

Remember personal statements? Yep, you've got to write another one, and you probably can't remember all the things you were told in school about what makes a personal statement oustanding. Here are some resources to jog your memory:

If you are considering postgraduate study, you may want to check out our postgraduate fair on Tuesday 24 October 2017 at University of London's Senate House. 

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