The London Graduate Fair 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:32

Katherine Hockley by Katherine Hockley

On Tuesday 11 October 2720 people queued up outside Senate House to be part of the University of London Graduate Fair, sponsored by TARGETjobs. This event saw graduates from all over the world meet 61 exhibitors, including potential employers, recruitment companies and a range of career advisors giving free evaluations of attendees' CVs.

There were also free talks from exhibitors, helping their audience discover how to break into specific industries or their particular organisation.

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Here’s how the day looked





What did the graduates think?

"Yeah it was good – I looked up stuff online and went through the advice. To be honest the email scared me with all the info but it is useful if you come prepared. I think if I hadn't I'd have been lost, but being able to look at what's happening online means I've been able to prepare a lot more and just go to the bits I wanted. I really enjoyed the talk I went to; it was about a job with the International Committee of the Red Cross. I'd recommend it to a friend - as long as they do their research before!"

- Ariana, graduated from Cambridge in Mechanical Engineering, June 2016

"I’m looking to move down from Manchester to London as part of a career move so I've come here to see what’s out there really. It's been helpful, yeah, and I’m still looking! I’m going to go back around to make sure I didn't miss anything! I would indeed recommend it to a friend!" 

Robert Beeton, graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in Music, 2011

How is The London Grad Fair organised?
We spoke to the events team, Clare Mcsheaffrey, Phoebe Hatton & Shirley Hang, to find out...


What did the exhibitors think?

We spoke to Kate Hurles from haart...

Is this your first year exhibiting at The London Grad Fair?
No not my first year, I did this fair last year and the spring fair – this one is the busiest.

Why have you come here today?
Well, we run a grad scheme so we need grads… haha. No, but we really like graduates. We put them through an accelerating programme and they really respond well to that. They are our managers of the future!

Would you come back?
Yes to this one, I definitely would.

...and Callum Evans from Wikijob. 

How have you found the graduate fair?
Great, it’s very eventful! There have been so many people interested in Wikijob itself because you don’t have to do the typical registration - it meets you halfway. 

Would you guys do this again?
100% yes, especially at a university - that’s where the people are most wanting and likely to get jobs!

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