Introducing our new Moodle dashboard plugins

Monday, August 21, 2017 09:00

Katherine Hockley by Katherine Hockley

Here we introduce our new Moodle plugins that can be incorporated on your Moodle platform (even if you don't use Bloom VLE). 

Why you need it

CoSector felt that the standard user experience in Moodle wasn’t as good as it could be. We conducted six months of research to review student experience within the standard Moodle setup. The research identified findings in five key areas:

  • Submitting Assignments
  • Devices
  • Other Platforms
  • Navigation
  • Lecturers and VLEs

Key research findings that relate to the dashboard

  • Submitting assignments - students wanted to be able to do this easily and be sure that their submission had been uploaded
  • Students use Moodle on a variety of devices but not to do the same things. This meant introducing a responsive UI that didn't limit usage because of the way the screens and data are displayed on the different devices
  • Navigation - for many students trying to get to the information they require was a challenge, regardless of platform.

What is the bloom dashboard plugin set?

The Bloom Dashboard Plugin Set was developed to improve student navigation on all platforms and enable clearer identification of course activities and deadlines, especially relating to submissions.

It consists of three plugins that work together

  • Information Panel Block
  • Agenda Block
  • Bloom Defaults local plugin

1. Information panel block

The Information Panel block has been designed to substitute Moodle’s standard Course Overview block. It provides easy access to the areas that students have told us are their most regular and important areas to Navigate to within the VLE. 

Moodle's standard Course Overview block  

old panel.png  
Our Information Panel block


The Information Panel block includes three tabs:

  • Courses: a list of all enrolled courses with details of activities requiring the user’s attention

    course tab.png
  • Activity Deadlines: Displays Moodle assignments, Turnitin assignments & coursework assignments

    activities deadlines tab.png
  • Grades: List all students grades in one place

    grades tab.png

2. Agenda block 

The agenda block displays

  • All activities that have a deadline (Moodle assignments, Turnitin Assignments etc.) and all calendar items that appear in the users calendar.

agenda block.png
improved calendar.png

It incorporates an easy to use filtering system to show and hide items and can be expanded to show more detailed information.

3. Bloom default local plugin

This plugin is an Administrative plugin and doesn’t appear in a standard user’s interface. It is used to configure Moodle to use the new Bloom theme, Information Panel block and the Agenda block.


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