How to get the most out of your seasonal temp job

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 11:29

Kate O'Connor by Kate O'Connor

It's coming up to that time of year when many students will be on the lookout for temp jobs during the upcoming break. We asked one of our temps to give us her top tips for being successful in a temporary role.

Who you report to and their expectations

If you are working in a temp job, chances are you are there solely to make someone's life easier during a particularly busy or challenging period. Make sure that you know from the off who you report to and what they are expecting from you. Most people operate on a "no such thing as a silly question policy", so if you don't know something, ask. That way, both you and your line manager are on the same page and tasks are completed more efficiently and to a higher standard.

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Introduce yourself to the team

Just because you are a temp, it doesn't mean you are not part of the team. Introduce yourself and let people know what your roles and responsibilites are - it makes life less awkward in meetings and also gives you a voice.

Make a contribution

Leading on from the last point, it's easy to feel as a temp that you shouldn't have an opinion because you aren't necessarily going to be part of the team for very long. Remember that you are in a unique position to bring an new point of view to the team - challenge the conventional way of thinking if you genuinely believe you have a better alternative. Always be polite though.


Late / sick / emergency protocol

A basic but important point - remember to find out what protocol to follow if you are late or unable to come into work for any reason. We as temps are here to make life easier for people, so following processes is a simple way to not cause additional problems.

Be proactive

Unsure what you should be doing? Ask. Run out of stuff to do? Ask. Thought of a way you can help the team? Ask if you can do it. Make everyone's life a little easier, they will thank you for it. Collect that good karma!

Be enthusiastic and friendly

This might not be the start of a long-term role, but you never know what the future holds. Make a good impression, be friendly and easy to work with - people remember those traits and it may lead to useful introductions, networking opportunities or more work in the future.

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