Hiring a graduate? Follow our tips for getting the best out of them

Monday, September 04, 2017 09:00

Katherine Hockley by Katherine Hockley

Hiring a graduate or graduate intern has many benefits, but you may not be using them to their full potential. Check out our top tips to ensure you're getting the best out of them and that they're getting the best out of you. 

Job description

You need to be realistic about your job description and not ask for a mountain of experience for the role. Graduates can learn on the job, so asking for a marketing executive with HTML knowledge or by including too much jargon may be enough to put off an excellent candidate from applying. Make it clear that certain things are desirable, not necessary. If you are looking for someone with a certain amount of experience, perhaps a graduate position is not right for your role.

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Ensure there is an onboarding process

Instead of just greeting them and giving them some work to get on with, an onboarding process is important. This will enable them to get into the swing of things more efficiently as well as allowing them to feel settled within your organisation. Introduce them to members of staff, show them around the building, invite them to meetings, have a pack ready for them that outlines any important information they may need, and make sure they are comfortable on all the software they need to use. 

hiring a graduate

Have regular catch ups with them

Regular catch ups are important for any member of the team, but it is especially important for graduates. They want to know how they're doing and what they could be doing better as this is likely their first big job post-university. Regular catch ups can also give them an opportunity to share their ideas as well as giving you an insight as to how you could improve. For example, they may ask for more responsibility as they are finishing tasks more quickly than expected, or they may have experience in an area you didn't know about that could be utilised within the workplace.

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Include them in social activities

If you're going for lunch, invite them. If it's someone's birthday and you're all going to the pub, invite them. There is a lot to be said for the benefits of feeling as though you belong. Wouldn't you be more likely to perform better if you were treated like this than if you just felt like a cog in a machine? 

Don't be afraid to challenge them

Make sure you are giving them important challenges or pieces of work. It will be a great learning experience for them and will allow you to explore their full potential.

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