Two-factor authentication for Instagram and a clash with Google - your weekly cyber news round-up

Friday, March 24, 2017 04:41

Helen Kenny by Helen Kenny

This week it appears that security firm Symantec have done something to upset Google, and Instagram have finally adopted a more secure strategy, 

Website Security Clash 

Symantec Security certificates, which are used to verify if a website identity is correct and therefore safe, have been criticised by Google. They claim that the security firm have not done a good job in ensuring the certificates are issued correctly. 

The certificates underpin the HTTPS system which encrypts data to and from websites. 

Symantec, who are the biggest issuer of the certificates have said that Google were making claims which were ‘exaggerated’ and ‘irresponsible’. But Google claims that they have evidence, which indicates that 30,000 of the Symantec certificates may be dubious. 


Instagram join the two-factor authentication party (finally) 

Following the announcement in February 2016 about Instagram plans to introduce two-fact authentication, the company has now finally confirmed the security measure is available. 

The new measure will send a security code to the users phone number when and if the account is accessed by a different or new device. The log-in cannot be completed without the correct code completion.  

The added security must be enabled in settings, so make sure you get this updated if you use Instagram.

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